Addressable fire detection and alarm systems, conventional fire detection and alarm systems, with two important detection methods, fire alarm systems have a very serious importance. enBAMA Engineering offers you a perfect engineering service in fire detection. For this purpose, it establishes product connections to meet all kinds of needs and takes at least as much responsibility as product brands. We move forward confidently to the future without compromising on professionalism. We offer high quality projects and quality solutions.

FIRE DETECTION Special cases for many places. for many places.

            Special solutions are developed for tunnels using liner heat-sensing cables. It makes professional and perfect detection with very sensitive measuring ranges. These are products specially manufactured for fire detection alarm.

            It is also important to control the Jet Fans of the tunnels and to ensure that the CO (carbon monoxide) gas in the tunnel remains within certain limits.

            Buildings today are gaining more and more complex and complex structures. It has become necessary to control them with an automation. Because it is very difficult to detect the problem with human senses and speed.

            Elevator, electrical system etc. in buildings. With the scenarios that all systems are loaded into the fire detection system, the building gains a fully intelligent structure.

            Fire detection in Organized Industrial Zones or in factories established outside also gains more special situations with the detection of gas types according to needs. Special products are also used for explosives.

            Factories are very special areas. It is very important to warn the employees who concentrate on work in a timely manner. The system has to be perfect for the safety of property and life.

    Addressable and Conventional Fire Detection


    EATON Cooper, CF1100/CF1200 1 Loop and 2 Loop Fire Alarm Panels 1 and 2 loop options 120mm x 90mm advanced touch screen Simple user interface Compact 16 fire zone LEDs Up to 200 addressable devices can be connected to each loop line 127 panels can be networked with all other COOPER fire alarm devices 100% compatible, because he's a cooper family member...  

    CF3000 serisi, 4 LOOP is a panel with 800 address capacity. It has high features, certified to EN54 parts 2 and 4 with intelligent programming. The intelligent addressable fire control panel includes a comprehensive user interface and logical menu structure. It can operate panels between 2-127 in a network location. The fact that the systems in the project are in various locations becomes flexible thanks to the Cf3000 fire alarm panel, and it enables large-scale applications by enabling communication between other field elements and panels in the system.


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    Addressable and Conventional Fire Detection

    Intelligent Addressable Life Safety Systems from Europe - Portugal

    Global Fire Equipment S.A., which has achieved excellence and quality in the field of production of Fire Detection Devices. The company was founded in 1994 by Jaoa Paulo Ajami in Denmark. To date, it has experienced an extraordinary growth in both turnover and the number of customers, and it still continues to grow. Systems have been installed in prestigious buildings from major airports to the research center in Antarctica, and it has become the world's leading fire detection manufacturer by providing all kinds of support and service to its customers with the most advanced fire detection devices, dealers spread over 70 countries and Regional Offices in 5 Continents.  



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    Addressable and Conventional Fire Detection

    CODESEC Fire Alarm Systems

    AA504 Electronic Addressable Intelligent Fire Alarm Panel

    1-4 Cycles, 250-1000 Address Capacity, 1 x AA45R Connectable, Metal Case, 128×64 Graphic LCD Display.

    Extendable to 16 Loops with LE505 Loop Expansion Unit, 16 Zone LEDs, 250 Zones, Programmable Zones

    2x12V/7Ah Battery, Alarm, Fault Relay Outputs, Supervised Siren Output, 3 Open Collector Programmable Outputs, Event Memory.

    Turkish and English Language Option, RS485 Interface, Real Time Clock, RT121 Network Card can be Networked Between Panels.

    Certified EN54-2/4, Certificate No: 0370-CPR-2314.

    Dimensions: 34.5x36x10.5cm, Weight: 5370gr


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