Audio, announcement and warning Systems

            The importance of quality speakers!

The quality of the speaker used ensures undisturbed listening in the installed hall. When you use quality loudspeakers in a cafe, it means getting performance from the music and ultimately happy regular customers. As the quality of the sound is important, durability is just as important in all venues. The visual aesthetics of each space is also different.

            We have product classes with suitable and quality speakers for every space..

            The importance of a solid amp!

The amplifier must have an absolute protection circuit. Since amplifiers work for a very long time, it is preferred that they have low energy consumption.

            We use the most suitable amp for your project. Different power and features are available in our amplifier product list. With this list, we can respond to any large and medium-sized project.

            The importance of the mixer!

Mixers are devices that bring together the sounds from different sources in the desired ratio and tone. The use of these devices in any environment is very important.

            We serve you with the necessary sound system installation, infrastructure works and appropriate equipment determinations for meetings, cinemas, theaters, conference halls and many venues. We provide the supply services of all professional announcement systems that you can use in every place. Installation and Service services are provided by our dealers in each province. We also take the responsibility of our dealers in terms of the quality of the work.

            Determination of the system to be installed; A sound system consists of many components such as amplifier, mixer, speaker. Selecting the most suitable and quality components requires professionalism. Determining the system to be installed requires full expertise in the field of work, as well as the follow-up of suitable and new products.

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